"It is not our place to purge the world of darkness. It is merely our calling to levy peace. Leave the warring to the Knights."
Taliel Alatheia, founder of the Chapel of Aesar

The Acolytes, known popularly as Raiser Blades, are a group of religious pursuers of peace founded by a Xelovian native before the dark wars. While Taliel is missing, Rasandiel Gaignun has taken up the role as leader resulting in the recruitment of more military minded individuals such as Gavael and Izzikiel.


The Acolytes are introduced near the beginning of Shadows Jubilee when Nexus is sent to barter a treaty of peace in hopes of proving that the Shrouders are not the demons people claim them to be. While Rasandiel offers to think it over, he later refuses to aid Nexus when asked for assistance against the Knights.


Acolytes are free to express themselves similarly to the Shrouders. A shared attribute of their style is the inclusion of red and white colors though this is entirely absent in Rasandiel's attire.


As Acolytes are purportedly normal humans, most possess no supernatural abilities. However, it is suspected Rasandiel, Michael, and Rachael are exceptions though what their abilities are remains to be seen.


The Raiser Blades began as a group of admins for an online role-play fan-fiction based on .hack. They were led by Kazuki the Skyshadow and at least one resembled a character from Final Fantasy VIII being based on Seifer Almasy. Several side characters came to be based on people the author knew in high school. While the title Skyshadow would later be attributed to the character Aer Soroval, the character of Azurel was based on another admin named Azure the Prophet.

A notable trait amongst the Acolytes is the suffix -el that can be found in every member's name (with the exception of the guest character Blithe Darian). The suffix is perhaps the only aspect that indicates the characters' connection to a unifying ethereal force.

Gavael may be derived of a variation of Java/Jawa which is Indonesian meaning "distant".