Aeon is the premier mind of the Three Geniuses who once resided in the Dark Pillar in Lunaria.

Story Edit

Born on Riene, Aeon was a widely renown intellectual anomaly. Where throughout history, esteem had been poured upon those of mystical superiority, Aeon was recognized for his phenomenally surpassing genius and ambitious imagination. He was the first to duplicate the effects of the most powerful magic without having any magical ability himself.

During the reign of Lance Empress Huxley, Aeon served temporarily as an adviser, constructing a multitude of devices to safeguard her magically merged kingdom. However, her madness soon drove away her heir apparent and this betrayal gave Aeon an idea. Merging his scientific talents with the philosophical leanings of deposed king Orphane, the two created a trio of clones designed to combat Huxley's superior magical powers. Void, Cipher, and Zero were all identical in appearance but remarkably dissimilar in personality. Void quickly escaped and would later return hoping to murder his creators. Cipher was very docile and complacent and, in fact, seemed to lack individuality altogether. Zero expressed an enthusiastic desire to showcase his talents and so was carted off to Huxley's kingdom where she was holding tournaments to determine who would captain her new guard. Zero became the second of eight guard captains just behind Cougar.

After Huxley was defeated by Aeon's technology, she was a deposed and incarcerated until the arrival of the Demon. In exchange for her freedom, Huxley worked beside Aeon to construct the Tartarus Gate, a prison which would deliver the demon from Riene to Anvar.

Work on Anvar Edit

Aeon traveled with the fleet captained by Agnar Randias as they explored eastward, discovering a realm they coined Xelovia. There Aeon experimented on the locals who expressed a natural talent for the same magic which seemed to be diminished among the pilgrims. Following revolt, Aeon would return to Solaris, coming to work beside his former partner's sons, Firionus Vandurlo and Amandus Lefaris, in creating the two Solaran towers, the Pillar of Light and the Unending Road. During this time, the artifact uncovered by archaeologist Mathias became the object of Aeon's obsession. Acquiring it, he began to experiment, combining its genetic makeup with that of local wildlife and, eventually, even people. One of the materials acquired for him by his new ciphers was a piece of the philosopher stone which he embedded into a sword. This sword, also later imbued with his mental faculties, came to be owned by Dienaran Sheriff Lazarus during his journey with Aeron Abernathy to locate Princess Threnody and Reina Daviana.