Infamous pirate and father of Tiger Hawke, Caleb was the captain of the Dreadnought.

Story Edit

Having disappeared some time ago, his daughter was left with the impression that he had abandoned her for a life at sea or had finally succumbed. However, when she meets the Acolyte Michael, the Dreadnought rises from the ocean's depths with her resurrected father at the helm.

Caleb and the crew of the Dreadnought have been raised from their watery grave by Necorancier Xarledan to aid in the reconstitution of Soulstorm. His primary concern is regaining his freedom so that he can once again sail the open seas.

Personality Edit

Caleb is pragmatic and dismissive of friends, family, and allies. He shows this is in his disregard for his daughter and his abandonment of his "partner", Valerie Grimoire.