The D'raka are peaceful natives of the continent of Xelovia discovered by Agnar Randias. They worshiped the Sky Spirit Raiden as their progenitor and exhibited a very limited supernatural proficiency.


Although little is factually known of the race, the Genius Aeon Digeros conducted experimental research to understand the D'raka's ability to wield energy. He speculated the Sky Spirit must be a physical being or ancient device which somehow affected the D'raka. His experiments grew more inhumane as a became obsessed with unlocking the secrets of their sorcery and in result, the D'raka were nearly annihilated in only a few years.


The D'raka utilize holistic medicine but are capable of more powerful magic as witnessed by the occupying forces from Solaria.

The D'raka's powers come from interaction with Shadows. As adolescents, D'raka venture out into the wilderness and slay a Shadow beast, claiming its gem for themselves. In ceremony, these gems become magically bonded to their flesh. Due to their origins, only D'raka are capable of this commiseration.

Known D'raka

Taliel Alatheia

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Founder of the Sept of Aesar, Taliel escaped Xelovia shortly before it erupted into a war that would leave both sides devastated with the D'raka close to extinction. He had experienced prophetic visions which led him to believe the world's fate rested somewhere in Solaris. He is Michael's first mentor and father-figure and teaches non-violence and diplomacy.


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An orphan raised by Taliel to become an Acolyte of Flame, Michael's identity has long been a mystery, but he is, in fact, one of the few remaining D'raka natives.

Demios s' Arivol

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A D'raka insurgent killed during the uprising, his death was the inspiration for Desmond Hauser to hunt the man responsible and singularly bring him to justice for his war crime.


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A half-breed, she is the daughter of Huxley Algis and the mother of Aeson Agnar.

Arkander s' Kath

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A close friend of Aeson Agnar, Arkander was kidnapped by Aeson's request when the royal family was forced to flee back to Solaris. Arkander would forgive Aeson's actions as those of a concerned friend and join him in his adventures.


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The second king of Xelovia following the events of the Shadow Crisis, he is actually Aeson Agnar.

Names & Meanings

  • Autis: One to heed.
  • Demios: Demon.
  • Kiera (from d'rakiera): Young dragon.
  • m' Eusika: Beautiful voice.
  • s' Kath: Send rain.
  • s' Arivol: Of open arms.
  • a' Lothia: Behold the world.
  • s' Dekia: Die and live.