The Dark Circle is a conglomeration of witches and warriors assembled by King Drakheed. They are all followers of Zybil, seeking the restoration of the Dark Lord.

Membership Edit

Members of the Circle include:

Xarledan, a wizard who prophesied Drakheed's ascension

Martinique Klein, a succubus

Black-Wing Angel Xenon the Assassin, a former king

Viana Lohengrin, Drakheed's "brother" and one of the dual-kings of a realm absorbed by Huxley

Neberus, champion of the people exiled for colluding with Shimo

Arkander Skoll, a treacherous wolf envious of Drakheed and constantly plotting to steal the Elanzier and usurp his rule

Diansys, last of the Arngard, is a witch from the wilds