"I'm the only one who can stop him when he goes off the rails. I'm the only one he hears."
—Darrick about Skath

Darrick is one of the original Shadows. Though he appears in Shadows Jubilee, his name is not mentioned until later in the series.


Darrick and Skath travel with Aer Soroval after she meets them in Davneon. Though she did not bear witness, in fact, her arrival came shortly after Skath's rampage resulted in the destruction of Club Ostia. Darrick, warning Aer of the dangers that mark the land and insisting on accompanying her, eventually lost sight of her during an encounter with Lunarian soldiers.

He is later found by Amistha who makes him one of his Knights, Primus Valerius.


Darrick is somewhat more sociable than Skath able to grin when he finds something amusing. While he is always cautious and especially concerned what situation will next trigger Skath, he is readily forthcoming when questioned and quite polite. Despite this, his past and motives remain a mystery. Darrick is resolute and confident, expresses concern for others' welfare, and tends to act rationally, preferring to avoid confrontation when possible especially when such might upset Skath. While he is fond of guns, he usually prefers not having to fire one. However, he is not always in control and sometimes seems a bit crazy.


He helps his traveling companion, Skath, to tame his wilder side although, in his case, the effect is temporary as Skath will go berserk at nearly any provocation.


Darrick is exceptional in that he managed to subdue his own chaotic nature brought on by becoming a Shadow.


Darrick is 5'7" with short white hair and green eyes over which he dons a pair of reddish sunglasses. He wears a long red coat strapped in place over a dark green shirt and brown pants by a belt-holster. The coat's shoulders are black leather and it bears the same symbol which is present on the back of the coats worn by Xikur and Nexus respectively. He also wears heavy boots and leather gloves.


Darrick is derived from Theodoric meaning ruler of people.

Primus Valerius is derived from the Latin words for "first" and "to be strong".

Exported Character

Darrick greatly resembles Dante and Nero from Devil May Cry. He was originally created in place of Vincent Valentine for a much-desired cameo in Kingdom Hearts.

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