A nefarious fellowship composed of several ne'er-do-wells, referred to as "Exos," including a Shrouder, a Shadow, an alchemist, a necromancer, and three homunculi, Exodus is a little-known organization devoted to the nebulous goals of its progenitor.


  • Xarledan the Necromancer
    Out only for himself, when the organization began to crumble, Xarledan simply vanished.
  • Shariq the Golem
    A being entirely composed of sand, Shariq has the ability to manipulate each individual granule within his body. There is a lot more to him than first appears.
  • Fang the Werewolf
    It is never clarified how Fang drove Rosette to hate him, but he is later killed by him when the group meets its end.
  • Xorn the Naga
    A somewhat friend to Fang...
  • Rosette the Alchemist
    Rosette's abilities are never fully explored but he does manage to destroy his rival, Fang.
  • The Shadow
  • Sebastian the Shrouder
    Inducted purely for his ability to tame the otherwise crazed Shadow, Sebastian is not fond of the group and quickly begins looking for a way to destroy it. He teams with the Shadow to incite chaos within the ranks.
  • Xavier Fairgrave
    The leader of Exodus, Xavier's ambitions are never made clear. He inducts Sebastian into the group in order to gain the trust of the Shadow, but the latter's role is never clarified as the group self-destructs shortly thereafter.


Exodus began as eight differently-colored versions of a singular character line art. The character wore a long coat and bore a huge cross over his shoulder. While the original versions of Xarledan, Fang, and Xorn were discarded, the rest retain great resemblance to one another due to the original design.