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Harold vs Arc

Harold & Arc vs Anxalia & Scorpiana

Harold & Arc vs Zybil & Krosenka

Harold vs Jumping Jack

Harold & Arc vs Damon Cordalis

Harold & Arc vs Martinique Klein the Black Widow

Harold & Arc vs Werewolf Fang

Harold & Arc vs Xorn & Lamekia

Harold vs Skoll

Harold & Arc vs Remalde's Seven

Harold, Valmont, & Narcine vs Drakheed's Circle

Harold vs Viana Vanitas

Harold vs Neberus

Harold & Vanitas vs Drakheed

Harold & Riene vs Sylvie

Harold vs Shimo

Drakheed vs LanceroEdit

"Vanitas!" Harold shouts and hurls his spear at Vanitas.

The warrior catches the weapon with a fleurish and directs his attention to Drakheed.

"So... you've come to betray me, brother." Drakheed draws Elanzier from its sheath.

Vanitas glares at Drakheed as he points his spear at him. "I'm trying to save you!"

The two come together in a seismic clash and battle to a standstill.

"Accept it, Van. There's nothing here to save. Here is where you die... for defying our emperor!"

Vanitas blocks a few strikes from Elanzier. "Shimo is not my emperor! You and I were raised to be kings, Arterio. You let that miserable Xarledan and your own fears corrupt your heart. All these years, I stood by you as a knight rather than a king. I watched our realm wither under your tyranny. But at least it was your tyranny, brother. Now, you're no longer a king. You're nothing more than a lackey!"