Jophiel "Joy" Darian, also known as Raiden, is one of the main characters of Boys Lethal and is a minor character in several other works.

Story Edit

Born and raised in upstate New York by a single mother, the nature of Joy's birth has long been a subject of debate. While his mother has always claimed that Joy's father was a great and powerful man, he would later come to learn that she had earlier been institutionalized having lived under the delusion that she had been impregnated by an ethereal force. Certain cultists knowing of her situation had theorized that she had given birth to either a demon, an angel, or a demi-god, he being in either case a divine creature to be celebrated.

As a young man visiting Washington, D.C., Joy was swept up in an international, even intergalactic, conspiracy when he arrived first at the site of an apparent meteor crash witnessed by thousands. The vision of a beautiful enchantress amid the wreckage of what could be discerned was some kind of alien vessel caused Joy to do something he might otherwise never have done. Despite the crater being an obvious draw to tourists and authorities, Joy spirited the young woman away in a dead sprint. Not entirely sure what he was doing, he brought her to his hotel room and lay her in bed covered by blankets. Shortly after the arrival of a very aggressive beast which turned out to be her bodyguard, the girl introduced herself as Elly. She then displayed for the first time her ability to shapeshift into anyone, deciding to permanently adopt a male physique much to Joy's annoyance.

Thereafter, the two would share in adventures as they worked to avoid the government and a malevolent alien force pursuing Elly.

Personality Edit

Joy is very set in his ways. He is cynical and expects the worst of most people. He tends to think that if the world has any hope, then he is it. He thinks that if he had the resources, he could fix the world and all the people in it. His behavior is somewhat augmented at meeting Elly, allowing himself to trust others a bit more at their word.

Relationships Edit

As he first met Elly as a girl, he tends to think of her as such even after she adopts a male form, using feminine descriptors in reference to her. This idea is enforced by Elly's disposition which is more effeminate, jovial, and affectionate. As a result of all of this, Joy begins to become attached to Elly, befriending her like a brother, defending her as a guardian, and eventually admitting his love for her which is not at all inhibited by her habitual assumption of a masculine appearance.