Joseph Snyder is a writer and the author of the EtC and EYeS projects among other works.


Born in 1984, Joseph was born in the Bay Area in California. He graduated from a Charter School in Vacaville in 2003. He had decided to become a writer when his tales of fiction were praised by teachers in high school. His most significant influences were Star Wars, Marvel Comics, Final Fantasy, and various bishounen anime and manga.

Creating EtC

The major contribution to the EtC comes from fan fiction Joseph wrote for Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. He wanted to create fan sequels and fan remakes, but found that the story ideas he conceived were wasted in a fan-made project. Thus he changed the nature of the characters, altering their appearances, personalities, backgrounds, as well as the very worlds in which they dwelled.


Joseph's writing style has grown over the years due in part to encouragement from his high school teacher who told him to stop writing one-page shorts and try his hand at epic writing. Thus he learned to give characters extensive backgrounds that explained their circumstances, attitude, and personal style. He found that world-building felt much more rewarding than simply writing one disconnected scene after another. Admittedly, the trade-off is that he struggles with the construction of plot.

Some readers may feel that Joseph's writing lacks detail, but the truth is that he puts a lot more effort into making a scene as genuine as possible than when he first started writing. He was originally so frustrated by long novels containing seemingly useless details that he wanted to write stories that got quickly into the action.