Kar, a main character of Flight Five, typically appears as a mysterious hooded figure wrapped as he usually is in his "magic" carpet, Textilica.


Flight FiveEdit

Alongside his four friends, Kar traveled the European countryside until they discovered an ancient tome they came to refer to simply as the "grimoire."

Kar is actually older than his friends, despite having grown up beside them. He is an incarnation of one of the Eight Immortals, a group including Raiden, Azurel, and Thanatos, who, like the lattermost has had his apparent godhood stripped from him. Eventually, he reveals the origins of the Omnifarion as being not an actual book, but an ancient alchemical element which was transformed into a book by an ancient force.

During the course of the story, Kar murders friend and Flight Crew member, Axl Lincoln Crosse, claiming it to be the will of the Omnifarion.

Appearance Edit

Of Scottish birth, Kar bears the brogue of a veritable highlander. He being transgendered also possesses the discernible curves of an average teenage girl.