A Knight is a soldier conscripted into the Order, a group founded by Amistha, to replace the retired Solaran military and whose primary focus is the annihilation of the Shrouders.

Known KnightsEdit

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The Knights all don blue and white armor which look totally identical. Archbishop Amistha is the prime exception as he is hardly ever seen wearing armor. Other exceptions are certain high-ranking members whose helmets resemble animals from the Zodiacs. Most members also wear capes.

Armor Edit

All Knight armor is composed of modulating nanofilaments designed to bionically enhance the wearer's physical abilities including muscle strength, tensility, nerve tolerance, and kinetic efficiency.


All Knights carry either a bladed or ballistic type nano-weapon. While nano-weaponry is meant to be more versatile, most Knights are not proficient in its use.


While the Knights do not possess any supernatural abilities like the Shrouders, many do have a notable proficiency with the nano-weaponry gifted them by the geniuses Amandus Lefaris and Firionus Vandurlo. While it is this technology's purpose and therefore not entirely uncommon to be able to recalibrate a weapon from one form to another, more gifted high-ranking members are capable of multiple alterations, either giving a weapon multiple different forms or simply increasing a weapon's power many times over.


  • The physical design of the Knight is a palette swap (and a head swap) of Judas from Cross Edge.