Lazarus Cartelan is the sheriff of Dienara and one of Aer Soroval's friends and allies. He travels with her for a short time before suffering a mental breakdown.



Before Lazarus became sheriff of Dienara, he was more a troublesome sort. His only friend was Rinna Lougherly who was a frequent visitor from out of town. One day, Rinna disappeared during a visit and Lazarus became determined to locate her. During his search, he met Aeron Abernathy, prince of Solaris, who was also searching for someone. Princess Threnody of Euvaria, to whom Aeron was betrothed, had disappeared on the day of her coronation, causing a panic among the royal family. Aeron resolved to do his utmost to rescue Threnody from whatever evil had spirited her away.

Lazarus and Aeron were polar opposites and did not get along together, only working together when their paths synchronized. However, Lazarus later found there was a deeper reason to why they did not mesh and it was unrelated to Aeron's royal background. The two eventually found Threnody, Lazarus realizing she and Rinna were the same person. Unfortunately, finding her was only a part of Aeron's true goal. He had been the one to arrange her disappearance to frame Lunaria and force a war between the states. However, Aeron was betrayed by his accomplice who captured them for his own nefarious ends. Lazarus thought he had escaped unharmed to defeat their captor and free Threnody, but the three of them had been altered. Lazarus was suffering Soul Corruption and Aeron and Threnody would later become Shrouders.

Shadow Crisis

Lazarus meets Aer Soroval on her return trip to Solaris after having fallen into catatonia upon meeting her true father. He offers his assistance as Aer reminds him of Rinna.


Lazarus has long dark hair.



During the Arccipher events, Lazarus wields what would later come to be Sjaxem's signature weapon: a red blade with a gem embedded into the handguard. The gem is actually one of two referred to as Arcciphers and both are fragments of the Quint Essentia. The red gem embedded in the blade is the Chaos Arccipher while Aeron's blue gem is the Order Arccipher.

Shadow Crisis

During the events of the Shadow Crisis, Lazarus wields a gunblade forged of nanotechnology. This provides him with similar abilities to those granted him by the Arccipher Blade.


Just as Aeron began as Arithon, Lazarus/Lazar began as Lysaer, the names taken from the Janny Wurts novel Curse of the Mistwraith. While Lysaer was the name of the blonde half-brother, in this the names were reversed. The two were used for a Kingdom Hearts-inspired story about a pair of adventurers questing to rescue a stolen princess. Lazarus was also influenced by Squall Leonhart, especially his depiction in the Kingdom Hearts series.