"It was a war. The Shadows multiplied and the cities united to drive them all into Lunaria. Realizing the Shadows were lured more easily to the darkness, they had the DLV create a device that blacked out the sky."
—Slaxeum, explaining the region devoid of light.

Lunaria is a realm of darkness. Most Shrouders have nocturnal vision thus Lunaria serves as a natural habitat. While Solaris is composed of multiple cities, most of the dark realm surrounding Castle Lunaria is forgotten and unexplored.

Lunarian Monarchy

Lunaria is the primary setting for much of the EtC. It serves as the main battlefield during confrontations between the Shrouders and the Knights.

Lunaria Castle

Stronghold of a once proud and mighty royal family, Lunaria Castle is now home of the Shrouders. It is located just south of Solaris past the farm and barter town of Middeland which serves as the border between the two great cities. Near to it is the darkened tower which was the base of operations to a small think tank.

The Dark Pillar

"The building was once known as the Unending Road. The name symbolized the construction of a path to the future."
—Lord Jeriko, speaking about the dark tower.

Also known as the Janus Tower, the Dark Pillar once housed three great minds, but they had all vanished by the time of the war preceding Shadows Jubilee. The Pillar is later home to Voltaire and the Ciphers all whom work toward the creation of an evolved life-form by experimenting on people abducted to be infused with the Demon of Riene.

Roman Orphanarium

An orphanage and educational institute founded and managed by former emissary Marion Roman, the Orphanarium was home to nearly all of the orphans interspersed throughout the story.

Known orphans raised in the Orphanarium include Xu Sen, Coronet, and Mathias.

The Unknown

There is a lot of forgotten or unexplored territory around Lunaria Castle. Although the Shrouders did their best to eliminate the Shadows that preceded them, there are occasionally Shadow-related anomalies.


Lunaria is based loosely on Kingdom Hearts' Traverse Town but mostly draws from Medieval Europe (particularly Bavaria which inspired Disney's Fantasyland which is suspected to be the inspiration for Traverse Town anyway) complete with castles.

The Unknown regions are deep forests inspired by Disney's Adventureland and Critter Country.


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