The Mechanoid Dynasty is a small group of individuals including modified humans, androids, and cyborgs. It's leader is Cyberus, a rogue Shrouders known as one of the Three Kings.


It is unknown precisely when the Dynasty was formed but it estimated to have come into existence somewhere after the founding of Jeriko's Conclave. Cyberus was an important member of the Socius due to his knowledge of computers and his skill with invention. However, he was not very well liked as he espoused his beliefs that organic beings were an inferior organism.


The Dynasty's core members are Cyberus, Xectoron, and Cyberus' three bodyguards: Heaven Leigh, Yvette Reissen, and Eise Burgess. Not much is known about them.

  • Cyberus seems to have been a normal man who desired immortality through mechanization.
  • The leader surrounds himself with a cadre of automatronic coutesans called the Marciae.
  • Sierre is a calculator whose ability to navigate variability grants her a semblance of prophetic divination.
  • Xectoron is an autonomous mechanical organism found as an orphaned child. There is one other like her. Xectoron has the ability to summon and manipulate a larger machine called Sjeanne.
  • Leigh is the leader of Cyberus' bodyguards. She seems to have some past connection with the bounty hunter, Thanatos.
  • Omega is the prosthetic gauntlet worn by Schilanox in place of his missing hand. It has a sentience of which Schilanox is vaguely aware.
  • Probot 088 is the last of a series of hovering droids created by Aeon Digeros to scout the landscape.
  • Zurmin Zein is one of two cybernetic organisms whose origins derive of another dimension.
  • Neon is the other of two cybernetic organisms who originate from another dimension.


Cyberus wears a mechanized suit of gold armor while his bodyguards wear silver powered-armor. Xectoron, also a former member of the Society, typically wears black garb.


Initially, Cyberus was the only mechanical member of the Socius. His name was originally Anubis and he was inspired by a concept art for a Final Fantasy X-2 "dressphere" that never made it into the game. Xectoron is an anagram of Coronet and she was the second character to be imagined as a machine organism. The bodyguards were inspired by the Keyblade Armor featured in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. While Heaven Leigh was slipped in from the same work as Azurel, Yvette and Eise were created simply to create a trio while playing off of the dual meanings of the names: Heavenly, Icebergs, etc.