Neon Raiden is the first AutE agent the Gundogs encounter. He leads a squadron of D-10R-DRS androids.


Raiden joined AutE when he was 18 and has been working in their retrieval department to recover lost materials for Deoxycorp Global ever since. Eventually, Raiden sets out to form his own company.

Neon was born Jove Darian, the son of Aoi Raiden and Karter Darian. After the death of his biological father and his mother's disappearance, Jove was raised by D-Corp agent Xiao Nan.


Neon is a Japanese-Caucasian male, has dark blue hair and brown eyes, and typically wears a black business suit and sunglasses even at night.



Raiden has an unexplained animosity toward Karmine which results in constant harassment, going beyond his mission to retrieve the Gundogs for D-Corp.

It is later revealed that Raiden is dying from a genetic disorder which causes him to age faster than normal. Karmine, as a clone of his father, is his closest living relative and may hold the key to his survival.

Automa Field Agents

Raiden keeps up a mostly professional persona in regard to his cohorts. He sees Rose as a competent agent but tends to ignore Zein as little more than a nuisance. He does have profound respect for Mercer.