The Lunarian Orphanarium, also known as the Roman Institute, is a school and home for children without families founded by Marion Roman, the former Emissary Dax. The school was developed shortly after she found Mathias outside the wreckage of an abandoned Stravarion from the Great Pilgrimage as shelter.

Roman Institute Affiliates

Marion Roman
The administrator of the Lunarian Orphanage, Ms. Roman is careful to devote equal time and care to each of her wards. She is formerly the Emissary known as Dax. Her current whereabouts are unknown.
A boy tormented as a child by Shadows. He bore witness as a friend was devoured. Mathias has become Amistha and formed the Knights to destroy all darkness.
Mila Rivers works alongside Malcolm Raine as mercenaries.
An excitable girl and a close friend of Mathias, Coronet is one day attacked and devoured by Shadows. Coronet has since become the cybernetic Shrouder known as Xectoron working in Philemontes under the scrutiny of her master Cyberus.
Xu Sen
An infant formerly residing in the orphanage, Sen was adopted by Silas Kepler of Dienara to be a sibling to his daughter Rose. After the destruction of Dienara, Sen became the Shrouder of Twilight and wielder of the Higure. He is currently called Nexus.
Danirius sael Grimoire
Marion's son born to Bertrov Grimoire, he goes through a series of identity changes in attempt to find his life's purpose. Taliel Alatheia knew him as Daniel. He fathered a daughter in Xelovia with the D'raka Kiera under the guise of Reid Lasan before returning to Solaris where he replaced Taliel as head reverend of the Chapel of Augarst wherein the Acolytes would know him as Rasandiel Gaignun.
Antiochus fel Grimoire
The youngest son of Marion Roman, Antier has always held his older brother in high regard despite the fact that he has abandoned him several times throughout his life. Antier later disguises himself and joins the Acolytes as Raziel.

Other Orphans: Arminda, Onyuo, Olivia, Pascal, Cameron, Melissa, Shinji, Berisa