Port Silo is a borough located in New York City and serves as the homestead for the Gundogs, the Cerberus being located in its epicenter. Port Silo is also the point of origin of the Gundogs' founding.


After escaping from the Deoxycorp laboratory which had been holding them prisoner, Products KI and JF wandered the streets of NYC scavenging for food until an encounter with local gangs threatened their lives. They later experienced their first sampling of compassion after being aided by Marcus and Nathan, two local street urchins. These boys gave them their names, Karmine and Ashley, based on the color of their hair.

A year later, Karmine and Ashley had wiped out the gangs mostly due to Ashley flagrant use of his pyrokinetic abilities and now they ruled the streets. However, their activities had drawn attention from Automa, Deoxycorp's subsidiary used mostly for abducting specimens. When an Automa agent and several Suits attempt to recapture Karmine and Ashley, they are thwarted by the appearance of Knight and Aurumae who bring the unconscious pair to an abandoned warehouse to recover. Therein they meet Riene and begin to understand the greater plot that they are unable to escape from.


Port Silo is an anagram derived of the Greek word "metropolis".