The prison sphere and locking mechanism by which Soulstorm is secured from the world of Anvar.

Tartarus Gate

The Tartarus Gate was created by the Czernus of Riene with help from a number of magi and scientists including Aeon Digeros and Lance Empress Huxley. It was the only means by which the creature's rampage could be quelled after Czernus had ordered its very nature be violated for his war.

The prison sphere can be locked and unlocked by any one of the Kings' Spears forged by Huxley Algis. The Emissaries wielding these spears therefore refer to them as Keys.


Aer Soroval and the Wildwind twins visit the Tartarus Gate in Phantom Deep on request by King Dalyn. They encounter a strange and powerful creature that trounces them yet seemingly leaves Aer with a new pair of blades which allow her to defy gravity. Aer later returns to the Tartarus Gate with Kasumi and Diaz, intent to learn more about the creature Soulstorm.

In Shadows Jubilee, Shrouder Kazel, revealed to be a former Emissary, explains that there are several "gates" and that Soulstorm's own prison sphere had been stored deep within them.

He lists them as follows:

  • Gate of Hellfire, Valcanis Star (Persephone)
  • Gate of Misery, Tartarus Vault (Raiden)
  • Gate of Oblivion, Letheia Fantasia (Megara)
  • Gate of Darkness, Hades Penitentiary (Amara)
  • Gate of Euphoria, Elysium Empire (Andromeda)
  • Gate of Angels, Seraphina Castle (Azurel)
  • Gate of Light, Aetherian Bridgeway (Shirion)
  • Gate of Eternity, Chaos Maw (Alekto)