A company established by former weapons manufacturer Genesis Raiden, it is currently publicly known as a mass-energy provider.

Raidencorp has stirred descent in some, particularly an insurgent group known as the White Tigers. The group ostensibly battles Raiden because the materials they produce to provide energy are damaging the planet. In truth, they are battling a darker secret that Raidencorp is not only still developing weapons but experimenting on humans to create super-soldiers.

As it later turns out, both the soldiers and the "perpetual energy" developed by Raidencorp are derived of the blood of an alien creature Raidencorp scientist Doctor Wellard Rauss refers to as Procel. With its discovery, the super-soldier program resulted in the creation of Zephaniah Rauss among others.

After Rauss's experiments proved successful, a cloning program was instituted to replicate the results. Jophiel Darian is a clone of Jet Riot infused with the DNA of the creature Procel. 

Riot Guard Edit

It became clear early on that not all people would quietly accept Raiden's rise to global administration. To beat back the loud and often destructive local dissidents, Raidencorp instituted a small militia to guard its establishments which had been distributed across multiple territories. This militia was comprised of mostly mercenaries, among whom Miquel Leon was thought to be the oldest and perhaps wisest.

Raidencorp Dormitorium Edit

Also known as Darkholme or Prima Valus by its residents, the dorms served as the dwelling place of nearly all Raidencorp employees with only higher level executives living outside the city-sized corporate hub.

Raidencorp's military force, being comprised of mainly mercenaries, would usually reside away from Darkholme, but there were some from the dorms who would also serve in the army.

The dorms had been separated into sections referred to by executives as Ciphers. Cipher 01 was named Primus after the Vanglorian city on Riene. However, it led to a trend of naming the other Ciphers in similar fashion.