8. There are no REAL rules about posting - enjoy being banned.Edit

9. The character is in mugen... no exceptions.Edit

10. You will NOT enjoy rival sites. This rule was not made to be broken.Edit

11. All backable and thoughtful arguments can be easily ignored.Edit

12. Anything you say can and will be [changed into something else] used against you.Edit

14. Trolls win. No exceptions.Edit

15. The harder you try, the harder you fail.Edit

16. Epic Fails are awesome!Edit

17. A fail may win but a win always fails.Edit

18. Everything that can be labeled can be hated.Edit

19. The more you hate it, the stronger it gets.Edit

20. Take nothing seriously.Edit

21. All original content becomes ancient in a matter of minutes.Edit

22. Copypasta saps the originality of all content.Edit

24. Every repost is a repost of a repost.Edit

25. Every post gradually diverges from the original topic. Any topic can be turned into something totally unrelated.Edit

27. Question their sexual preference... no reason necessary.Edit

28. Question their gender - all girls on the internet are men. Pics or get out.Edit

33. Lurk, you uneducated buffoon. Lurk!Edit

34. It has porn. No exceptions.*Edit

36. It gets worse... trust me.Edit

37. You cannot divide by zero (there had to be at least one universal constant on this list)*Edit

38. The sky is NOT the limit.Edit


41. Desu is not cute, desu.Edit

42. Nothing is sacred. The innocent, the beautiful, and the pure shall all be corrupted.Edit

46. There is furry of it. No exceptions.Edit

47. The pool is an extension of yourself.Edit

48. Cats are fine. One cat leads to another. Another cat leads to zippocat.Edit

50. It's somebody's fetish. No exceptions... I may vomit... yeah, that too.Edit

52. If you only see their face, they're fat... shut up and eat the cake.Edit

53. All pics of hot women are posted by men. No exceptions.Edit

54. Life sucks, death sucks, immortality sucks... shut up and eat the cake.Edit

55. If you have time to make up new rules for the internet, you are to be pitied. Get a life.Edit

56. You will never have sex. Proof or it didn't happen. Caution: Providing proof makes you a tool.Edit

59. The internet is for blonde jokes.Edit

60. It takes less than sixty seconds to learn the rules.Edit

61. There is a robot version. If it is a robot, there is a human version.Edit

63. There is an opposite sex version of all characters. No exception.*Edit

64. The internet makes you stupid.Edit

65. The internet is for lying.Edit

66. Nobody lies on the internet.Edit

67. There is yaoi for the men and yuri for the women. No exceptions.Edit

69. Sixty-nining is only fair for gay couples.Edit

70. Women should always trust their judgement. Except for blondes, all women are smarter than men. All men are idiots.Edit

73. Do NOT explain things people do not understand.Edit

74. All pointless rules will be broken.Edit

75. One hour of doing nothing must be followed by sex.Edit

76. There is a futanari version for all females. No exceptions.Edit

78. All female characters are sexualized. No exceptions.Edit

79. Rule 63 version of females are bishonen. No exceptions.Edit

80. Ignore all rules except those marked with an asterisk (*).Edit