Titles within the Seven Blades Anthology:

1. Seven Blades
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Tiger Hawke leads a ragtag group in an endeavor to knock over the organization known as RAIDEN.

2. Project EYeS
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Karmine and Ashley are two escaped test subjects from Deoxycorp Global who form a powered gang with eight others like them.

3. EtC
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A world wherein darkness and light are in constant struggle for dominance, Soulstorm's legacy precedes and transcends his existence.

4. Boys Lethal
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Joy Darian befriends Elly Merchant, a shape-shifting alien whose very presence seems to bring trouble.

5. Blade Diver
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Azur Starrond fights for the fate of his planet with the help of the alien, Galax.

6. Flight Five
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Five young men acquire a Grimoire which enables to them to fly. Dark forces will do anything to obtain the Grimoire.

7. Os Fatalis
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Amira leads a small sortie to battle the malevolent witch Penumbra and the cadre of extra-dimensional beings known as the Sanhedrin.

What is it?

The Seven Blades Anthology is a collection of stories set within the intermingled Seven Blades universe. The stories are more or less self-contained though they may hint at an ongoing chronology.