Shariq is a member of Exodus and is the only known living creature completely composed of sand, every granule of which is completely within his control.


Shariq's origin is a mystery. Rosette suspects he was created by the Quint Essentia, the element he uses in his alchemy, but whose own origin is just as mysterious. Shariq's role within the history of Anvar is limited to recent events involving Exodus and its relationship with Slaxeum. When Slaxeum and the Shadow conspired to destroy the group from within, Shariq was defeated but not destroyed. He then disappeared from the world altogether.


Shariq reappeared in Port Silo, New York shortly after the death of Riene. His presence was a difficult reminder for the Gundogs who still felt the sting of their comrades death, being that his powers were similar to their dearly departed friend's. Shariq had aligned with Deoxycorp Global who took credit for his creation. As such, he frequently made appearances accompanying Suits sent by Automa Enterprises.