Also known as Shae Highwind, Shroud's identity was a mystery. She played an integral role in the defeat of Soulstorm.

Shadow Crisis

Shroud traveled alongside Michael and his allies and fought against Zybil and the synthesized Soulstorm doppelganger.

Shadows Jubilee

Sometime before the events of Shadows Jubilee, Shroud and Jeriko conspired to create a society for those affected by the Soul Corruption where they would be safe from persecution. This group would eventually be known as the Shrouders, named for Shroud, although outsiders tend to associate the name with their black clothing which resemble death shrouds. Shroud's fate past the creation of the society is unknown.


Shroud, per the moniker, can manipulate said trademark shroud in its entirety via telekinesis, enabling its treatment as a whip with which to attack or grapple and even granting a semblance of flight.


Atop her already black attire, Shroud is wrapped head-to-toe in a black shroud. Her mask and gloves both aid in the cause, intentional or otherwise, to conceal her identity.


Shroud is based loosely on Dread Pirate Roberts from Princess Bride and Zorro. She is meant to play the role of gentlemen thief a la Robin Hood.