A Shrouder is an abomination evolved from those that were created from Soulstorm's genes. Typically, a Shrouder will be associated with Jeriko and his society.

Known Shrouders

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Originally, "Those That Dwell in Darkness," or simply Shadows for short, were a species of supernatural creatures, animals and human alike, with great and varied powers. They for the most part originated in Lunaria years before the war. As the war was, by one definition or another, caused by the existence of Shadows, their "progeny" the Shrouders exterminated them in prejudice partly as an olive branch by which to barter for peace with those who feared their power.


The polar opposite of a Knight, a Shrouder "uniform" is all black (exceptions to the rule are Sjaxem, Sarvancia, and Cyberus who wear red and gold respectively). Each Shrouders' individuality can be seen expressed through their attire as really most Shrouders do not adhere to the orthodox. In fact, most of the thirteen captains wear radically different attire to one another.

The namesake "shroud" is a hallmark of one of the Conclave's two original founders, known then only as the Shroud, and is in reality a cloaking effect derived from the inky blood of Shadows or Anathema, which is infused into the Shrouders' clothes and/or their bodies.

Shrouders run the gamut in size, weight, complexion, and most other physically visible attributes. The only common link between Shrouders is the yellow irises most share. Nexus and Sjaxem are two exceptions having brown and red irises respectively.


Most Shrouders are expected to be combat-capable and this tends to lean on a penchant for using weapons. While most Shrouders are skilled with one weapon or another (some using outlandish objects for means of battle) there are actually many Shrouders who do not possess an active ability for combat.


Shrouders' abilities, like their appearance are quite staggered. Even the thirteen captains are not composed entirely of Shrouders who possess a supernatural gift useful in combat. For example, Nexus, Schilanox, and Xikur do not seem to possess any ability beyond their physical strength and prowess.