Solarans are known as the Descendants of Riene. The realm of Solaris encompasses the original territory settled by the pilgrims from Riene.


The travelers from Riene arrived on the world they would dub Anvar nearly eighty years ago and, while a number of their transports crash-landed due to damage from an unknown cause of turbulence, the pilgrims mostly arrived en masse on the land mass they came to call Solaris. They quickly spread out to cover the entirety of the continent. Thirty years later, King Abernathy dispatched a fleet to discover what lay beyond the sea. Those that traveled eastward never returned. However, to the west, Abernathy would later learn, was a continent full of thriving D'raka.

Known residents

Aside from the Knights and the Acolytes, there are a number of significant individuals who hail from Solaris.

Prince Sebastian Samuel Abernathy is the elder son of Fabian Damascus Abernathy. As a teenager, he grew discontented with royal life. Subsequently, he disappeared and it would be discovered later that he stowed away aboard one of the ships dispatched to the west.

Prince Aeron Aurelius Abernathy is the younger son of King Abernathy. Shortly after his brother's disappearance, he became betrothed to a young woman from Euvoria. However, she disappeared as well and perhaps for some need for chivalry, Aeron set out to find her, leading him on a quest that would eventually partner him with future sheriff Lazarus Cartelan.

Sheriff Lazarus Cartelan was a scrupulous young man living in Dienara. He became good friends with a young woman who called herself Rinna Loverly. He would later find out her true identity was that of Princess Threnody of Euvoria pledged to marry Aeron Abernathy after her coronation.

The Sorovals
A family residing in Middeland, the Sorovals are an atypical lot. Leumas, the adoptive father of Aer and Reiko, is an archaeologist and is typically away investigating the surrounding land especially in Lunaria. Aer works in a shop with close friend Eagle Cohen and typically worries about her father's adventures and her brother's dreams. Reiko has been having nightmares and is becoming more and more convinced they will come true... and soon.

Lord Parias
An entrepreneur living in a mansion in Solaris, his residence is uncommon as most well-off folk make their homes in Dienara.