"The fleur-de-lis alone rules over the moon, the waves, the castle, and the lion."

Solaris is a realm of light. The entire region owes its radiance to a massive perpetual lamp known as the Pillar of Light. The Knights and the Acolytes both make their respective homes in this region. Unlike Lunaria which is largely wild lands, Solaris is made up of several cities, the capital of which is its namesake.


Solaris provides setting for the characters in later parts of EtC, it being home to the Shrouders' enemies.

Solaris Capital
The capital city of the region, it is home to the royal homestead of the previous king whose heirs, the elder and the younger, vanished both prior to and following his death respectively. The Solaran Guard serve to protect the realm, the capital being their base of operations. It also proudly harbors the Knights Fortress and the Sept of Aesar.

Although technically acting more as a neutral border between the realms, Middeland is considered a part of Solaris and, as such, is typically under the scrutiny and protection of the Solaran Guard.

Known better as the City of Gold, Dienara is comprised of a bourgeois society with pompous and entitled individuals reflective more of the lost Lunarian Monarchy.

The "heavenly" City of Love, Euvaria is flush with sandy beaches and beautiful people. It consists of its own matriarchy of which the queen's heir is known to be missing.

"The City of Lights and Entertainment," Davneon is home to theme parks, musical groups, theaters, and the popular dive, Club Ostia. While serving as a pleasant place to vacation, its citizenry are not exactly sincere.


Solaris draws a great deal from Disneyland's realms.
Solaris Capital draws from Tomorrowland but its colors and more modern look are inspired by Kingdom Hearts' Twilight Town.
Davneon is inspired by the theme park factor, combining entertainment through rides, mascots, theaters, restaurants, and clubs.
Middeland is inspired by the Old West theme of Frontierland.
Euvaria takes from the water park nature of Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort. It was also inspired by the character Ariel from the Little Mermaid as the author liked the character but originally refused to include mythical creatures such as mermaids.
Dienara is inspired by Fantasyland.


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