Sordjin Raleigh is an arrogant, self-proclaimed sorcerer despite never displaying any magical proficiency.


Sordjin's role in Shadows Jubilee is very limited, serving as a manipulator in the shadows who is eventually destroyed by Jeriko.

Before Shadows JubileeEdit

Sordjin was originally a con artist expert in the art of sleight of hand. After journeying with the Acolyte Michael, he witnessed true magic and sought to learn its secrets for himself. This led to his affiliation with the scientist Velan Heintz-Jeager and his ultimate status as a Shrouder.

Sordjin in EYeS? Edit

A character named Nox plays a minor role in the back-history of EYeS' Deoxycorp Global operations. This character bears a strong resemblance to Sordjin.

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