The Summoning Wars was a series of conflicts that took place during Riene's history. As implied by the name, these wars involved sorcerers with the ability to conjure powerful creatures


Like any other war fought by the inhabitants of Riene, the Summoning Wars were motivated by greed and ambition and the desire to control as much territory as possible. Many of the first summoners were hesitant to use their powers recklessly, but there were those whose selfish desires overruled any sense of human compassion.

Originally, the Uldraka held dominion over the art of summoning due to their ancestral connection to the serpentine dragons. However, with the rise of necromancers, exorcists, and spiritual conduits, war seemed to be an eventuality.

To safeguard the empire of Vangloria and its people, several powerful warrior and sorcerers were vetted and recruited including Brynhildr Faersythe and the swordsman Sylval Dierneul.


"Ice Goddess" Brynhildr, daughter of Riene Forsythia and Diansys Vandurlo, Bryn is considered the champion of the Summoning Wars for which she is crowned queen of Vangloria.

"Sword Magess" Statia Grimoire, daughter of Doghlas Erhardt and Germaine Valeria, was a combatant in the Summoning Wars and one of the three most powerful sorceresses in Riene's history.

"Wolf Sage" Cecile Rainheed was a powerful sorceress who participated in the Summoning Wars.

Claudius Einhardt, Cecile's lover and a powerful soldier in Vangloria's military, he constructed a volunteer force comprised of powerful warriors from foreign lands, including Silvanus Derainier.

Xarledan Vyticus, son of Haris Nightnail, called a Necorancier, his experiments have allowed him to temporarily imbue the dead with a semblance of life.

Silas Crosse was a close friend of Jeremia Alderain. He was a Lieutenant in the Summoning Wars following the rise of Silvanus and Brynhildr and took great pains to capture and torture a mercenary called X. Silas had the summoning magic thrust upon him by a sagely shaman in his death throes.

Regis Alustrov was a friend of Jeremia, loyal servant of Bryn and Silvanus, and a participant in the Summoning Wars.