The Cerberus is the Gundogs' base of operations. A tower located in Port Silo in New York City, it is almost entirely self-sufficient. A towering construct built via the funds provided by the man for which it is named, it serves as the headquarters from which the team keeps watch as guardians against people and things like Automa Enterprises and Deoxycorp.


The Gundogs used their individual talents to lend to the construction of the Cerberus in multiple ways. Knight and Sylvie infiltrated a deeds office to fudge information regarding the unused lot they were using. Aurumae and Riene carved out and prepared the foundation which Riene also constructed with help from Caleb. Caleb also rigged up the various mechanisms throughout the Cerberus: computers, automated security, electronic interfaces, roof-mounted solar panels, and the industrial antennae and observation array.


Aurumae and Carney contribute vegetables and fresh water (by manipulating the weather) to the greenhouse and water store also constructed on the roof. Built-in sensors connected to their respective rooms inform them when either resource needs attention.

Although the solar panels do provide enough energy to power the Cerberus' security measures, it hardly supplies enough for the Gundogs' needs. Therefore, Saffire's electrokinesis is used to charge specialized batteries invented by Caleb.


The main power generators utilizing the batteries are located in the basement which Karmine keeps cool via a large supply of ice. Should that ice be allowed to melt, it would drain through a filtration system but the generators would face risk of overheating and possibly exploding.