The Solaran Guard is the primary military of Solaris. It is disbanded by the time of Shadows Jubilee. It is led by Captain Peotr Sonde.


The Guard was established upon the formation of the state of Solaris as a police force that would protect the realm from mayhem and disorder. As territories within the continent of Solaris began to spring up, forming borders between districts, territorial jurisdictions appeared as well, slowly pushing the Guard into being a redundant security force. King Dominic's formation of the Lunarian Monarchy resulted in a separate military force which would come to be strong enough to rival the Guard.

Eventually, the Guard was disbanded after the escalated conflict between Solaris and Lunaria resulted in the devastation of both territories. In part due to being united by common foe Soulstorm and partly due to the falls of the respective governing families, the realms had set aside their differences.

Prominent Members

  • Pietr Sonde
    The most recent captain of the Solaran Guard, he led them in combat against Lunaria during the Eighty-Minute War and then again three days later.
  • Aeson Agnar
    Pietr Sonde's son, Ace is not a dedicated soldier. He enlisted in order to use the Guard's resources to find his best friends Autis and Arkander, both having disappeared after hiring themselves out to the Lunarian scientist Aeon Digeros.

Sortie into Lunaria

Apart from Captain Sonde, there were twenty Solaran Sentries who comprised the sortie including Aeson.

  • Theo Olsen (hammer)
  • Travis Etromerus (vibroblade)
  • Garth Olrick (element bombs)
  • Phoenix Ankara (fire sword)
  • Cecil Harmon (black blade)
  • Stephan Shane (katana)
  • Arthur King (two-handed sword)
  • Lyan Leonard (claws)
  • Tyson Flayis (fists)
  • Alvin Reed (gunblade)
  • Desi Algis (gun)
  • Thorpe North (whip)
  • Forrest Lih (staff)
  • Pfeiffer Peet (scythe)
  • Higgs Botswin (spear)
  • Laufey Aurnol (needles)
  • Rizo Nileson (daggers)
  • Magnus Carter (sword)
  • Brandon Hayt (rapier)
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