Aeon Digeros, Firionus van Durlo, and Amandus Lefaris are the renowned think-tank of scientists known collectively as the Three Geniuses.


Aeon Digeros
The lead mind of the think-tank, Aeon is responsible for much of the technology of Anvar including the Pillar of Light that illuminates Solaris. When the Lunarian tower fails to produce the light Dominic desires, Aeon has a team sent beyond the Wastelands to investigate a possible source of interference.

Firionus van Durlo
Relegated to service in the realm of Lunaria, Firionus assisted with the development of the Unending Road, a tower to rival the Pillar of Light which would serve as the Geniuses' new permanent residence and research center.

Amandus Lefaris
After aiding in the design and construction of the Unending Road in Lunaria, Amandus watched as Aeon and Firionus grew apart, each becoming obsessed with their own projects, particularly Aeon's preoccupation with the creature from Phantom Deep.


Aeon is the typical mad scientist: cold, calculating, curious, compulsive, conniving, and occasionally cruel. He is somewhat strict, preferring somethings be done a certain way, but he has a propensity for bending.

A more laid-back type of absent-minded professor, Phil is not as impersonal as Aeon, preferring a more casual treatment of others. While Aeon prefers to be called Professor, Phil usually just calls him Aeon but may occasionally refer to him as Professor D or simply Prof.

Amandus is often seen as being less a genius than the others. This is likely due to his slightly narcissistic and self-concerned outlook which tends to leave him focusing more on dilemmas that may affect him directly as well as occasionally dwelling on the way he looks.