"Open your eyes, people. We’ve seen this before. Franchises, store chains, big pharm... The industry is the modern conqueror."
—Web-rant by Thurian Q.

Thurian Q is a widely known web personality and conspiracy theorists regularly spouting slanderous accusations about large-scale companies such as Deoxycorp and Automa Enterprises. Although he is the inspiration behind the formation of the web-conspiracy group "Optimism Online", he himself is not a member.


Shortly after OptiOn's foundation, Karmine and Ashley join under pseudonyms hoping to locate and identify Thurian Q. Thurian, while not a member, does frequent the site at which the group gathers and, eventually, with help from Steel, he is located and confronted by the Gundogs who hope that he has more substantial information to offer regarding the two companies.


Thurian is an astute and combative individual. A fiction writer, most people dismiss his theories as pure fantasy, accusing Thurian of blurring the lines between realities and his own delusions. Thurian's dedication to exposing D-Corp and AutE for what he believes them to truly be does not falter.


Q is a renown fiction author popular for his mystery novels. His books feature a dummy photo and the pseudonym "Arthur Kieran West" to protect his anonymity.