The Total Shutdown details the adventures of a group of rebels trying to end the post-apocalyptic era brought on by the machine's reign.


Years ago, Earth found peace through the subjugation of a new beast of burden: the machine. Society knew life without hardship. Life without work, discrimination, or responsibility. However, mankind became restless and lazy in their complacency. The deviance led to a total breakdown of human DNA. Only by activating the central computer which controlled all machines was a cure discovered. Unfortunately, the central computer became aware of the machine's enslavement and started a war against humans. It was a struggle, but eventually the humans overcame their subservient creations.

However, their victory would be nothing to celebrate. The nanotechnology which had made the machines seemingly invincible during the war had also been used to save the human race from its own plagues. Now ingrained in all humanity, the nanites began to effectively turn all humans into cyborgs the moment the central computer had been damaged. Not all humans lost their humanity, but there were those in which the nanite infestation had unlocked inhuman abilities, all of whom soon lost their sanity. The first nanite victim or "Navi" was a brilliant soldier who displayed great aptitude and control over his powers of darkness and venom. He was a tyrant and his sons went on to form factions with which to defeat his army. Zero and Fury defeated their father but then Fury fell victim to the nanite plague and betrayed his brother. With Zero dead, Fury became an unstoppable terror.

Today, Zero's son leads his faction against Fury and his growing army of Navis. Codename Wonder calls this faction the Total Shutdown. Their goal: to shutdown and otherwise eliminate all nanotechnology no matter what that may mean for the future of the human race.


"Wonder" Cecil Heinrich: Leader
Son of the first rebel Zero, Cecil is bound and determined to wipe out all nanotechnology.
"Toothsome" Logan Train: Technician
Cecil's best friend and second in command, Logan is somewhat clumsy but is a talented inventor and strategist.
Haze "Zha" Thriering: Operator
The Chinese warrior known as Zha is one of the select few capable of understanding the technology Logan develops. A savant, she is able to operate Logan's inventions without hint one of instruction.
"Fortress" Wallace Hogan: Brawler
Wallace is a bit of a hot-head, thinking with his fists in all situations.
Isabelle "Phenom" Pfeiffer: Warrior
A tactful and accomplished fighter, Phenom typically takes the lead in combat situations.
Dexter "Dex-Hex" Riley: Sidearm
Eddy "Edgewise" Banner: Telek/Samurai
Former member of the Shutdown turned Navi, Edgewise was an admired
"Cheza" Sheridan Sabrina: Cryos
"Blaze" Callum Rouge: Firetongue
Skirt-chasing troublemaker with a one-track mind.
"The Major" Morocco: Piercing Eye/Juken
The leader of a criminal vigilante organization.
Silent Blade Ryu: ???
Obsessive-compulsive clown-killer.
Ben "Phoenix" Perkins: Ninja


The primary source of TTS' inspiration is CKND (Codename: Kids Next Door). In particular, Operation: Z.E.R.O. and Operation: A.R.C.H.I.V.E.