"That is not my name... Xiao Nan was a fabrication of the company from the time of its foundation. I am Yun Leikong."
—Xiao Nan while lecturing a group of agents.

Also called the Dark Shonen, Xiao Nan is an elite agent of Automa Enterprises, managing operations from the comfort of a towering construct in Singapore.


Xiao Nan is introduced as a mysterious superior reprimanding Angelus Mercer, Prince Rose, and Zurmin Zein on their failure to capture Karmine and Ashley.


Xiao Nan was originally a specialized agent of Deoxycorp, having been subject to their experiments which gave him supernatural abilities.

Xiao Nan led a group of powered individuals against an insurrection called Rebel 6 which gathered assistance from estranged Deoxycorp lab victims to rescue five reality-shapers.


Xiao Nan is a Chinese man who typically dons a gray suit.


Xiao Nan was a nameless character originally created for an online text role-play based on the EYeS mythos. Originally known as Shonen Dark, his role was to motivate the players during the first half. At the end of the role-play, he was revealed to be a protagonist for the next cycle, the players joining him against Rebel 6, the group they had previously been deceived into helping. The role-play has yet to be revisited.