Zephaniah Rauss is a soldier and a product of experimentation which has driven her mad. She is a primary antagonist of Seven Blades and a guest character in EtC.


Throughout the course of Seven Blades, she repeatedly appears to taunt and soundly thrash Jet Riot and his allies before moving on to her next goal.

In EtC, Zephaniah fought in the Summoning Wars back on Riene. Thus she has lived a lot longer than Jet.


Zephan was created to fight in a war between Raiden and Kincaid. She was an elite member of the Corporation's Strategies, Weapons and Organized Defenses unit known by the acronym SWORD. Born the child of Doctor Wellard Rauss, Zephan had agreed to be subjected to experimental gene enhancement in order to guarantee Raiden's victory over Kincaid. However, Zephan was not aware that her father had already mutilated her genetically when as a child by merging her genes with that of an alien creature which Rauss classified as "Procel".

There were two unsuccessful invasions of cities by Raiden forces led by General Racine Blackburn and raids by SWORD. Eventually, SWORD captured and secured a number of cities against attack. The other cities collaborated to eliminate Raiden's influence but it was to no avail. Kincaid's greatest warriors re-conquered the land and stood poised for a death blow against the budding legions of Raiden. The warriors' concurrent projects against Raiden's forces, however, allowed the company to begin a counteroffensive. Fighting continued and a general union formed. Raiden's forces, now led by Zephan the Bloodtail, reversed an early onset of Kincaid successes and scored significant victories. After eight years of combat, Raiden’s forces finally conquered the nation of Kincaid.

Having become disillusioned, Zephan went on a rage during one final confrontation, massacring an entire village and killing anyone who crossed her path be they man, woman, child, animal, or comrade. In the midst of this rampage, she was confronted by fellow SWORD operative Jet Riot. It was during their duel that Jet struck Zephan a fatal blow, but not before Zephan gave Jet a concussion which would later cause him to wander the land with no memory except for witnessing Zephan's massacre.

Years later, those in power would not accept the rumor of the Bloodtail's resurrection. Cain Valen, the unaging vampire who had witnessed Zephan's birth and youth, was the first exception, immediately recognizing the danger Zephan presented.


  • Given that Zephaniah was created to be Seven Blades' equivalent of Sephiroth, it is difficult to miss this allegorical tie.


  • Zephaniah is from Hebrew meaning "Yahweh awaits". Rauss is from Gaelic Ross meaning "cliff."